Enjoying the sunshine

They say babies shouldn’t wear sunscreen until they’re 6 months old – alas, we didn’t need to worry about this as we haven’t had any sun in Vancouver since before he was born. Until this week, that is. What glorious weather!

We ventured to London Drugs and found some nurse-approved baby sunscreen (Nature’s Gate kids SPF 20) and then made our way to the park. As Tristan is sitting up now, we decided it was time to try the swings. I think he likes it!

Next, Nathan took him on the slide. He seemed to like the view from on high, but didn’t notice the actual sliding too much. Still, the look on his face is hilarious – I guess Nathan didn’t want to risk losing him!

Later in the afternoon, we left Nathan to do some work, and headed out for a walk around Deer Lake with Falina and her son, Noah. Falina and I got our wires crossed, and were waiting for each other at opposite ends of the park. So as we sat around, Tristan discovered grass.

We did eventually find Falina, and we had a lovely walk, and no skin was sunburned. Now, if only the long weekend wasn’t going to be so rainy!


3 responses to “Enjoying the sunshine

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful blog. Well done Angie! You continue to amaze me always.
    Happy 6 months old Tristan!! You ARE indeed the cutest baby in all the land! and Gramma loves you all the way from here to the moon a zillion times! Happy blogging Angie!

  2. where did you get that hat!!?!?? Oliver needs one!!! if you bought it can you pick one up for us and i’ll pay you back!? Cute pics!

  3. Hi Angie, Nathan and Tristan….I have tears rolling down my cheeks after watching that amazing video of him learning to crawl. What a gift to have that on film! Were those Shreddies???? And I love that look on his face coming down the slide….And that hat!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOGwen

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