Mobile baby

I put this link in the TristanTube page, but it’s worth repeating here in a proper post…

I guess this is his six-month-birthday present to us!


3 responses to “Mobile baby

  1. I don’t have enough fingers to count how many times I have watched this. He is so adorable. Look out world Tristan is on the move is right! It makes me laugh everytime I look at it, with kind of a lump in my throat too …. he is so patient and sweet and tenacious. I love the leg warmers! I love you Tristan!

  2. Hi there Tristan, I sent a message here to you earlier but it was I am trying again.
    Love U.
    G G

  3. It looks like it may be accepted so I just wanted to say I believe I shall have to find a bigger bath already for you Tristan, because you are almost too big for this wee one. Bravo for chasing after your Daddy, you won that race for sure.
    Love your pics and awakening to your smile is just great.
    Love, from G G

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