On socks…

Tristan has cankles. Honestly, there is no natural narrowing of the leg to show where the joint is. He has huge fat calves, and fat feet, and a roll of flesh hanging over the general ankle region. It’s awfully cute, but it makes fitting him in socks rather difficult. They either dig into his flesh, or just slide right off. For a while he fit into the 6-12 month size, but now that he’s actually 6 months, even those are too small.

So yesterday, at BabiesRUs, we detoured out of the toy department to take a look at socks. To my delight, we found a bin of 99¢ socks, both in 12-24 and 24-36months sizes. They were fairly cheap-looking quality, but for 99¢ I wasn’t about to complain.

At home, I started to take them all apart; this is where the fun began. Each sock was attached to the cardboard holder with an unbreakable plastic doodad (there must be a word for those things), so I had to get the scissors out. Even with them, the doodad was so tight I risked cutting through the sock to get it off. I had to lever the scissors just so in order to do it without endangering the sock, but that angle ended up shooting the plastic ends off into the room – hopefully I found them all before Tristan does.

Next, I had to take the plastic form out of each sock. That’s right – these very plain, cheap blue socks each had a little plastic foot shape inside. How was this necessary? They’re not even recyclable. So now I have 8 little plastic feet on their way to a landfill.

Finally, the socks were liberated from the packaging. Which means I could recycle the cardboard they were attached to….as soon as I took off the plastic hook inside each one! Seriously? What’s wrong with a hole-punch?

All this, for 99¢ socks! The Grade 11 Environment Club member inside me is still quivering with outrage. I get upset when I have to buy a 6-pack of socks for me and they come wrapped in a cardboard sleeve – how is it necessary that infant socks — which will surely disappear behind the bookshelf, get tossed out of the stroller, or eaten by the dryer — come with so much packaging? Surely all that paper and plastic cost more than the socks themselves.

Oh well, at least the socks fit. But his legwarmers are cuter. Just ask my mom.


3 responses to “On socks…

  1. Cankles? Too cute! Leg warmers … definitely leg warmers!!!
    Look at that beautiful smile ….

  2. I remember trying to free those socks from their packaging….what a hassle!!! love the leg warmers! Oliver has a pair of school bus ones…too cute!

  3. you gotta find these things called sock-ons! they are pieces of fabric sewn into tubes with a hole for the heel and the toes. they fit tightly around the foot so the sock can’t come off. Who came up with this invention is a millionaire by now for sure!

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