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Friday Fives: Tristan’s Hobbies

I haven’t heard any complaints from Auntie Melissa about stealing her Friday Fives idea, so we’ll keep going with it. To balance his last post, here’s a list of things Tristan loves.

My hobbies – by Tristan

1. Grabbing and pulling and chewing electrical cords. Delicious! I will crawl across the room, over legs and hard  wooden blocks to get my mitts on those black, serpentine sirens of temptation.
2. Finding new and exciting ways to disrupt breastfeeding. Mommy loves it when I surprise her with raspberries, puke, and pinches. She especially loves it when I turn my head to the side without letting go. She keeps telling me it’s not made of rubber, but it seems pretty stretchy to me! Now that I have teeth, I’m looking forward to experimenting with biting.
3. Destroying boxes, paper, envelopes and newspaper! It rips! It’s delicious! Also, don’t tell daddy, but I’m looking forward to adding bird books to this list.
4. Swimming! Splashing! I love the pool! I went swimming with Grampa and Gramma, but it was dangerous, because of Grampa’s undertoe.
5. Disrupting diapering! Especially when daddy is changing my bum. I love to twist around and try to eat my bag of socks. It’s even funnier when I have a poo diaper, because then daddy is gagging and making funny faces.
6. Zooming! I love to fly! Dropping drool bombs on mommy and daddy is the best part.

Is that enough? Mommy said she’d tell me when it’s five. I have more hobbies, but I see an unprotected cord. Gotta zoom!

Twisting and grabbing socks is fun. Too bad they already got the diaper on.



After the long study process of getting ready for my RLAT (I passed!), we decided it was time for some R&R on the island.

First stop, Victoria. It had been some time since my folks had seen him, and they were amazed and delighted with how big he was getting, and how interactive and playful he is. Tristan is definitely no longer an infant – he’s still a baby, but he’s closer to being a “little boy”every day. My mom bought him some stackable nesting cups, and they were a big hit.

We also tried out hiking boots – my sister Melissa (check out her blog!) raided the Free Store on Cortes Island, and came away with tons of cute clothes for him, including these great shoes and pants.

Next we went up to Nanaimo, to visit auntie Jen and hang out with Oliver, who is 6 weeks older than Tristan. The boys had fun playing together, despite Oli’s head-licking proclivities. Thanks to auntie Jen for the cute Canada Day outfit! (Video to be posted soon on TristanTube, once it finishes loading!)

Finally, we went up to Comox to visit Nathan’s mom, and to make invitations for our wedding. A huge shout-out to Heidi, who stayed up until 2am helping us Saturday night (we only lasted until 12:30), and without whose expertise (and crafting supplies) we couldn’t have done it.

It wasn’t all work, though – she got to spend some quality Omi time with Tristan too, feeding him,  reading to him and giving him a bottle. (Notice the sweet “tie-chair”- it ties on to almost any chair, and keeps him nice and sturdy – great for when you don’t have a high chair. I highly recommend this product! Now I’ll wait for the sponserships to roll in…)

I love this photo of my granny and my son – 88 years apart, and already in love. I love you, Gee Gee!



Just a quick note to say that my RLAT is on Friday, and I won’t be posting until after that – it’s crunch time! So until then, here’s a little pic to hold you over.

I'll help with the shopping, mom, just let me get my bag

Friday Fives – Things Tristan Hates

Auntie Melissa does Friday Fives on her blog, and Tristan thinks that’s cool, so he’s copying. Don’t bother trying to explain plagiarism to him, he just doesn’t get it, no matter how many times I’ve tried.

So, here we go – first Friday Five.

Things I hate – by Tristan.

  1. Sirens. Especially fire trucks. They make me cry.
  2. Applesauce. If I knew how to spit, it would save me from having to barf just to get that nasty taste out of my mouth.
  3. Getting dressed. If I ever get my hands on the guy who invented sleeves, he’s gonna be one sorry guy.
  4. Electrical cords. I love to eat them. Wait, wrong list. What does hate mean again? Okay – not being allowed to eat electrical cords – I hate that.
  5. Did I mention how nasty apples are? Also, carrots, yams, pears and pretty much everything that’s not bananas. Bananas are yum!
  6. Getting my face washed after I eat. If mommy didn’t insist on smearing food all over my face, we wouldn’t have to go through it. She’s a meany. But I love getting my face washed in the tub, or at the pool, or any time it’s not actually dirty.

I know, I know, that’s more than 5, but he’s only 6 months old. He’s not much for counting yet. In fact, he hates the counting book too. It’s the only book that reliably makes him cry. And don’t even get me started on trying to teach him the days of the week…


Tristan is incredibly photogenic. Not that I’m biased, but I think he looks pretty amazing in pictures. Nathan and I, however, not so much. Every now and then I’ll find a photo of me that looks okay (again not biased here at all), but overall, blech. Where does the baby get it from? Who knows. Must be one of the intrinsic features of babyhood.

Yesterday I was trying to get a photo that showed the colour of his eyes, which turns out is hard to do, as his eyes reflect light. Any photographers out there have any tips on how to do this? Anyhow, two things were accomplished. I got some cute pics that don’t show his eye colour, and I unwittingly discovered that he will cross the entire living room in order to get his hands on my camera. I’m not sure if he’s camera-shy, a born model, or if he just wanted to eat it, but he was motivated to move.

Also I discovered that I only have one phrase I can say when filming his attempts to be mobile. I have 3 videos of it, and I say the same thing every time. In embarrassment I deleted the last one, and re-filmed it.

Anyhow, here’s my cutie.

Helping with the laundry

Usually I post grinbug photos – this is his neutral face.


If you look hard, you can see the streaks of brown in his eyes. Kind of.


I love how it looks like he’s shrugging in this one. “What are you up to, baby?”  “I don’t know, just learning to crawl, I guess.”

When Nathan saw this pic, he said, “See, he does look like you!”



See? Cute!