Friday Fives: Tristan’s Hobbies

I haven’t heard any complaints from Auntie Melissa about stealing her Friday Fives idea, so we’ll keep going with it. To balance his last post, here’s a list of things Tristan loves.

My hobbies – by Tristan

1. Grabbing and pulling and chewing electrical cords. Delicious! I will crawl across the room, over legs and hard  wooden blocks to get my mitts on those black, serpentine sirens of temptation.
2. Finding new and exciting ways to disrupt breastfeeding. Mommy loves it when I surprise her with raspberries, puke, and pinches. She especially loves it when I turn my head to the side without letting go. She keeps telling me it’s not made of rubber, but it seems pretty stretchy to me! Now that I have teeth, I’m looking forward to experimenting with biting.
3. Destroying boxes, paper, envelopes and newspaper! It rips! It’s delicious! Also, don’t tell daddy, but I’m looking forward to adding bird books to this list.
4. Swimming! Splashing! I love the pool! I went swimming with Grampa and Gramma, but it was dangerous, because of Grampa’s undertoe.
5. Disrupting diapering! Especially when daddy is changing my bum. I love to twist around and try to eat my bag of socks. It’s even funnier when I have a poo diaper, because then daddy is gagging and making funny faces.
6. Zooming! I love to fly! Dropping drool bombs on mommy and daddy is the best part.

Is that enough? Mommy said she’d tell me when it’s five. I have more hobbies, but I see an unprotected cord. Gotta zoom!

Twisting and grabbing socks is fun. Too bad they already got the diaper on.


One response to “Friday Fives: Tristan’s Hobbies

  1. Hi Ang, Gwen here, I have been having a Canadian day, listening to the good old CBC – it really is fantastic! and remembered that I have not seen Tristan for a while, and that this is your wedding weekend I believe…too lazy to go looking for your wonderful invitation in my pile of papers!!! Just want to say hi, CONGRATULATIONS and I love reading your blog! It brings you right back into my heart and my head. Love the photos of T at the races!!!
    I hope you like the group gift that I was very pleased to be part of. Loads of love to you!!!! Gwen

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