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Friday Fives: Teeth

Tristan’s had 2 teeth for about 6 weeks now, and they’re getting quite pronounced. I’ve been expecting the top teeth to show up soon too, as his upper gums are really bumpy, but so far they’re a no-show. But he seems to do just fine with the two.

Top 5 things to do with teeth.

  1. Eat baby Mum-mums. Delicious!
  2. Open lids. When the top two come in, I think he’ll be able to get into cans.
  3. Use as an extra grip when trying to stand up on furniture.
  4. Biting mom in the shoulder. No photo of that!
  5. Being cute! Chompers are adorables!


Tristan likes rattles. He just discovered them a few weeks ago, and now plays with them every chance he gets. He holds one in his hand, arm straight out, elbow stiff, and moves his arm up and down. It’s not graceful, but it’s cute, and it gets the job done. He’ll shake anything that makes a noise – rattles, tupperware, water bottles, and especially keys.

I made the mistake of letting him play with me keys a few weeks ago. They kept him entertained for a record-breaking 20 minutes. Ever since then, they’ve become the solution to any moments of fussiness. Doesn’t want to sit on the floor? Give him the keys. Doesn’t want to get his diaper changed? Keys! They work every time. The downfall to this is that whenever they’re in my hand, he’ll twist and turn and wriggle and do his darnest to get his hands on them. Which can be inconvenient, especially when I need to actually unlock something. But I usually can manage to hang onto him, the keys, and whatever else I’m carrying without any major accidents.

So on Monday, I’m coming home from our mall lunch with the other mommies, with a very fussy baby. Tristan is late for his nap, late for nursing, and has a poobum because I forgot to bring the diaper bag with me. He’s also fighting a fever and generally unhappy. But I have a bucket of ice cream with me, and he seems happy to chew on that as we struggle to get from the car to the elevator.

Here’s where the trouble begins. My keychain has an electronic fob on it, which we need to get into the building, the parkade, and the elevator (on the parking level only). So I’m balancing purse, baby, ice cream, and pulling out my keys to click the fob, and Tristan hears them jingle. Keys! Hooray!

Immediately he starts writhing in my arms to get to the keys. I yank open the heavy parkade door, stumble into the vestibule, and push the elevator button. Tristan whacks his face on the ice cream, starts to cry, remembers that he likes sucking on the containter, stops crying, and glues his face to the ice cream. Breathing a sigh of relief, I enter the elevator.

When suddenly, from nowhere, a tiny hand lashes out with ninja-like quickness. Karate CHOP! Right in the wrist. My hand spasms, the keys fall, and vanish down the crack between elevator and floor. They don’t even hit the side – just whoosh – gone.

Tristan turns his face to me with a huge grin, as if to say, did I do good? Sure sweetheart, you did great. Thanks, that was exactly what I needed.

Long story short, 1. 5 hours later, after discovering that the building manager’s key to our suite didn’t work, and discovering that all the numbers I have for our landlord have been disconnected, and driving up to the SFU to get Nathan’s keys, I finally get Tristan fed, diapered and in bed. Meanwhile, we are told that we either have to pay $300 for the elevator guys to come get the keys right away, or else wait for them to come when they have some free time, which could be weeks.

Not having $300 to toss away, I decide to wait, and good thing too. Because I finally realized that with a coat hanger and a flashlight, I could get the keys myself. Good thing, too, as I was starting to consider sending Tristan into the crawl space after them. And did I get a chance to rinse the elevator shaft germs from the keychain before he got them in his mouth? Of course not. No wonder he’s sick…


Check out these thunder thighs. How many rolls are necessary? Surely four is excessive. Is this the photo that will haunt him at grad? Poor Tristan.

At the park

Two weeks ago my friend Terresa and her little man Hannan came for a visit, and we took our little men to the park. Here are the pics she took of the day. Thanks Terresa!


Nathan and I took a prenatal class in October, where we got to know 11 other couples. The class was a bit of a bust – our instructor was a bit too hippy-dippy for my tastes, and we spent too much time learning every last detail about what could go wrong, and not enough time learning about what to actually do with the baby. But it was good to meet other very pregnant couples, and hear what they were experiencing. And then in January, after all the babies had been born, we had a reunion. 8 of the couples showed up, and we exchanged birth stories and compared cuteness. Of course, Tristan won the informal competition.

At the time, we decided it would be nice to get together again in the summer, when the babies were older, and we could do something outside. So last week I finally put something together. Unfortunately only 4 couples could make it, but we decided to go ahead and do it anyway.

The four of us met at Central Park for a picnic lunch. My friend Falina came with her hubby, Joel, and son Noah.

He was quite smitten with Ray and Karen’s daughter Keira, or perhaps he was just attracted to the mum-mum she’d dropped on her arm.

Tristan was also happy to spend the time shoving food into his face. Food, fingers, toys, grass, he wasn’t picky.

None of the other babies were crawling, so they could play together on a blanket. Tristan kept crawling out of the shot. On the right is Victoria and Daryl’s son, Kayden.

Mommy managed to get a bit of a burn on her shoulders, as she was more diligent with Tristan’s sunscreen than her own. In fact, it may have worked too well, as in this photo he looks like he’s glowing.

A good time was had by all, and we hope to do it again before the summer is out, hopefully with a few more babies this time.

Friday Fives: Parenthood Lessons

While I was pregnant, I read all the baby books. Well, not all, but many of them. I listened to the PregTastic Podcast (a must for all first time pregnant moms), I went to my prenatal class, I grilled my friends and family with kids. I thought I was coming into parenthood fairly well armed with information. I expected a steep learning curve, and of course there are lots of things about being a parent that you can’t learn in books, and my life perspective has changed, and yadda yadda yadda. All this is true.

However, also true is that there are several things that they don’t teach you in the books, or in the classes, or that moms forget to tell you. Things that can be learned.

  1. Do not lift your baby over your head within 15 minutes of him eating (milk/formula/solid food) unless you like the taste of barf.
  2. Don’t feed your baby banana if they’re wearing clothes you like. It stains like a mofo. Banana of all things! Strawberry stains come right out, but banana is in for life.
  3. Always have extra clothes with you (for baby, and for you). Even if you’ve never been peed/pooped on, even if they haven’t had a blow out in 2 months. It can happen any time, any place, and will if you’re not prepared.
  4. Practice getting in and out of a bathtub holding a slippery baby. If you can borrow somebody else’s baby, that’s perfect, but a greased watermelon will do in a pinch. Plan how you’ll get in, down, up again, out, and where the towels will be….it’ll make it less stressful when you actually have to do it for reals, and you will.
  5. Learn about sleep! This was not talked about in any of my prenatal stuff, and it’s key to sanity! Of course, every baby is different, but there are some broad trends to sleeping patterns, and knowing what to expect can make all the difference. Especially talk to new moms, who haven’t forgotten what the first few months are like, and read a few sleep books.

Okay, I’m sure there’s lots more, but Tristan’s asleep now, so I’m going to bed. Sleep when you can!

Search me?

And now for something on the technical side of blogging…

When I open this blog account, I am greeted by a statistics page, which shows me how many people have viewed my blog, which pages are getting looked at, which of my links are getting clicked on, and other technical stuff. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t tell me who is looking at the blog – that’s all kept anonymous.)

One of the cooler statistics is the “top searches” list. It shows me how people are finding my blog. It doesn’t tell me what people are searching for once they’re on my blog…that would be cool too. Instead, it keeps a record of what people are typing into their search engine, and then clicking on my blog.

For example, if you go to google and type in “cutest baby in all the land”, google will list this page with the other results. If you then click on my link, my stats page will remember that you got here by typing “cutest baby in all the land”.

So the other day I was looking at my list of top searches, and discovered that there’s a few common themes. Here’s what people are typing into Google and clicking on to come here.

  • fat feets
  • t is for tristan
  • sunburned cankles
  • baby poop banana
  • rice cereal poop
  • how does banana look in poop
  • fat calves
  • huge cankles
  • poopy baby

Not, perhaps, how I want Tristan to be remembered – as a fat, poopy baby, but it makes sense. After all, two of my most popular posts were about his poosplosion at the doctor’s office, and his fat cankles not fitting in socks. However, a few of the searches don’t make much sense at all, such as this one.

  • what does whale poop look like?

How does a search for whale poop bring you to my blog? I even tried replicating that in google, and didn’t find Tristan anywhere. I swear, sometimes Google is on drugs.

Even more disturbing is this one.

  • pictures of babies doing poos on the chair naked

I don’t want some weirdo with a pooing baby fetish looking at pictures of Tristan. But I guess that’s the danger of posting anything online – it’s out there for any body to see. We seriously considered making the blog private, so that you have to log in to see it, but finally decided against it. We’ll just be careful not to put any photos of him actually pooing naked on a chair.