Search me?

And now for something on the technical side of blogging…

When I open this blog account, I am greeted by a statistics page, which shows me how many people have viewed my blog, which pages are getting looked at, which of my links are getting clicked on, and other technical stuff. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t tell me who is looking at the blog – that’s all kept anonymous.)

One of the cooler statistics is the “top searches” list. It shows me how people are finding my blog. It doesn’t tell me what people are searching for once they’re on my blog…that would be cool too. Instead, it keeps a record of what people are typing into their search engine, and then clicking on my blog.

For example, if you go to google and type in “cutest baby in all the land”, google will list this page with the other results. If you then click on my link, my stats page will remember that you got here by typing “cutest baby in all the land”.

So the other day I was looking at my list of top searches, and discovered that there’s a few common themes. Here’s what people are typing into Google and clicking on to come here.

  • fat feets
  • t is for tristan
  • sunburned cankles
  • baby poop banana
  • rice cereal poop
  • how does banana look in poop
  • fat calves
  • huge cankles
  • poopy baby

Not, perhaps, how I want Tristan to be remembered – as a fat, poopy baby, but it makes sense. After all, two of my most popular posts were about his poosplosion at the doctor’s office, and his fat cankles not fitting in socks. However, a few of the searches don’t make much sense at all, such as this one.

  • what does whale poop look like?

How does a search for whale poop bring you to my blog? I even tried replicating that in google, and didn’t find Tristan anywhere. I swear, sometimes Google is on drugs.

Even more disturbing is this one.

  • pictures of babies doing poos on the chair naked

I don’t want some weirdo with a pooing baby fetish looking at pictures of Tristan. But I guess that’s the danger of posting anything online – it’s out there for any body to see. We seriously considered making the blog private, so that you have to log in to see it, but finally decided against it. We’ll just be careful not to put any photos of him actually pooing naked on a chair.


One response to “Search me?

  1. What a lovely picture of Tristan … he continues to be the “Cutest baby in all the lands”!

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