Friday Fives: Parenthood Lessons

While I was pregnant, I read all the baby books. Well, not all, but many of them. I listened to the PregTastic Podcast (a must for all first time pregnant moms), I went to my prenatal class, I grilled my friends and family with kids. I thought I was coming into parenthood fairly well armed with information. I expected a steep learning curve, and of course there are lots of things about being a parent that you can’t learn in books, and my life perspective has changed, and yadda yadda yadda. All this is true.

However, also true is that there are several things that they don’t teach you in the books, or in the classes, or that moms forget to tell you. Things that can be learned.

  1. Do not lift your baby over your head within 15 minutes of him eating (milk/formula/solid food) unless you like the taste of barf.
  2. Don’t feed your baby banana if they’re wearing clothes you like. It stains like a mofo. Banana of all things! Strawberry stains come right out, but banana is in for life.
  3. Always have extra clothes with you (for baby, and for you). Even if you’ve never been peed/pooped on, even if they haven’t had a blow out in 2 months. It can happen any time, any place, and will if you’re not prepared.
  4. Practice getting in and out of a bathtub holding a slippery baby. If you can borrow somebody else’s baby, that’s perfect, but a greased watermelon will do in a pinch. Plan how you’ll get in, down, up again, out, and where the towels will be….it’ll make it less stressful when you actually have to do it for reals, and you will.
  5. Learn about sleep! This was not talked about in any of my prenatal stuff, and it’s key to sanity! Of course, every baby is different, but there are some broad trends to sleeping patterns, and knowing what to expect can make all the difference. Especially talk to new moms, who haven’t forgotten what the first few months are like, and read a few sleep books.

Okay, I’m sure there’s lots more, but Tristan’s asleep now, so I’m going to bed. Sleep when you can!


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