Nathan and I took a prenatal class in October, where we got to know 11 other couples. The class was a bit of a bust – our instructor was a bit too hippy-dippy for my tastes, and we spent too much time learning every last detail about what could go wrong, and not enough time learning about what to actually do with the baby. But it was good to meet other very pregnant couples, and hear what they were experiencing. And then in January, after all the babies had been born, we had a reunion. 8 of the couples showed up, and we exchanged birth stories and compared cuteness. Of course, Tristan won the informal competition.

At the time, we decided it would be nice to get together again in the summer, when the babies were older, and we could do something outside. So last week I finally put something together. Unfortunately only 4 couples could make it, but we decided to go ahead and do it anyway.

The four of us met at Central Park for a picnic lunch. My friend Falina came with her hubby, Joel, and son Noah.

He was quite smitten with Ray and Karen’s daughter Keira, or perhaps he was just attracted to the mum-mum she’d dropped on her arm.

Tristan was also happy to spend the time shoving food into his face. Food, fingers, toys, grass, he wasn’t picky.

None of the other babies were crawling, so they could play together on a blanket. Tristan kept crawling out of the shot. On the right is Victoria and Daryl’s son, Kayden.

Mommy managed to get a bit of a burn on her shoulders, as she was more diligent with Tristan’s sunscreen than her own. In fact, it may have worked too well, as in this photo he looks like he’s glowing.

A good time was had by all, and we hope to do it again before the summer is out, hopefully with a few more babies this time.


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