Friday Fives: Teeth

Tristan’s had 2 teeth for about 6 weeks now, and they’re getting quite pronounced. I’ve been expecting the top teeth to show up soon too, as his upper gums are really bumpy, but so far they’re a no-show. But he seems to do just fine with the two.

Top 5 things to do with teeth.

  1. Eat baby Mum-mums. Delicious!
  2. Open lids. When the top two come in, I think he’ll be able to get into cans.
  3. Use as an extra grip when trying to stand up on furniture.
  4. Biting mom in the shoulder. No photo of that!
  5. Being cute! Chompers are adorables!

One response to “Friday Fives: Teeth

  1. So so CUTE …. I love that shirt!

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