A day at the races

A few weeks ago, the racetrack was hosting a weekend of wiener dog races. Apparently, anybody who owns a wiener dog can register, they put them in the horse gates, and race them a short way down the track. As you can imagine, it’s pandemonium. We thought it would be pretty funny to go watch. So, of course, Tristan had a record-breaking long nap, ensuring that we missed most of the day.

Why do people keep staring at my hat?

We decided to run down there when he woke up, in hopes of catching the end of it. We made it just in time to see the championship dog race, but we were so high up in the bleachers that we didn’t see much. So we took Tristan down to the fence, so he could at least see the horses go by. As usual, he was more interested in the people.

Horses? What horses? I don't see anything.

Maybe we’ll catch them next year…


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