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Friday Fives: Old baby, new tricks

Tristan is 11 months old today. How the heck did this happen? He’s getting so big, so funny, so mobile! I have big plans for a proper post about him being 11 months old, but don’t hold your breath. In the mean time, here are his top 5 newest tricks.

  1. Grinding his teeth. He sucks his top lip in (not sure why this helps), and then grates, grinds and grunches his top teeth against his bottom ones. He still only has four in total, but they make the most god-awful noise. Not a fan.
  2. Throwing things. He’s getting a big kick out of trying to toss balls, blocks, rubber ducks, basically anything he can get his hands on. Occasionally he throws one forward, but just as often they go behind him, straight up in the air, or stay in his hand and get pounded into the floor instead.
  3. Emptying the tub. His favorite tub toy is a crushed water bottle, which he loves to splash and poor with. Lately his favorite trick is to fill it with water, then hold it over the edge of the tub and dump it on the floor. He’s like a water bottle ninja – even if Nathan and I are hovering over him, waiting to bat his hand away, he still manages to get a litre or two on the floor.
  4. Staying overnight with daddy. Okay, this was a one-off, not a trick, but it was a first. I went down to Seattle for a whirlwind overnight tour with my friend Yi, and Nathan and Tristan had a boy’s night. Tristan was great, and showed no signs of missing me at all.
  5. Walking! Saved the best for last. He still crawls most of the time as it’s faster, but he’s definitely taken a few steps to get from A to B. We have yet to catch it on film, though.

No new photos at the moment, but I’ll put some up soon.


Saskatoon 2011

After a long bout of cold/’flu for all three of us (which I’ll be blogging about soon), we decided to celebrate our almost-healthy-states by going off to visit the Stewart clan in Saskatoon. My main purpose was to visit with one of my besty’s – Shelley – and her family. Nathan’s main purpose was to track down Whooping Cranes. And Tristan’s main purpose was, as ever, to be cute.

I had lots of time with Shelley, and Shari even came out too, Nathan saw his birds, and Tristan was cute.He even learned to climb stairs. Now we need to work on backing down them, as he seems to think throwing himself down head-first is the best way. Fortunately, we were always there to catch him, but unless he learns to fear gravity, the inevitable will happen. He also had lots of fun playing with the twins, tormenting the cat, pulling DVDs off the shelf, cruising around the automan, and getting tangled in his tie chair.

We were sad to go, but at least we have some good memories. Here are a few pics to commemorate that trip.

Saskatoon hoses are FUN

Chillin' in the yard with the twins

Showing dad who's in charge here

This is what happens when Aunt Shelley gets a hold of my hair

Nothing dangerous here...

Me and mommy


Me and mommy's bestys