Saskatoon 2011

After a long bout of cold/’flu for all three of us (which I’ll be blogging about soon), we decided to celebrate our almost-healthy-states by going off to visit the Stewart clan in Saskatoon. My main purpose was to visit with one of my besty’s – Shelley – and her family. Nathan’s main purpose was to track down Whooping Cranes. And Tristan’s main purpose was, as ever, to be cute.

I had lots of time with Shelley, and Shari even came out too, Nathan saw his birds, and Tristan was cute.He even learned to climb stairs. Now we need to work on backing down them, as he seems to think throwing himself down head-first is the best way. Fortunately, we were always there to catch him, but unless he learns to fear gravity, the inevitable will happen. He also had lots of fun playing with the twins, tormenting the cat, pulling DVDs off the shelf, cruising around the automan, and getting tangled in his tie chair.

We were sad to go, but at least we have some good memories. Here are a few pics to commemorate that trip.

Saskatoon hoses are FUN

Chillin' in the yard with the twins

Showing dad who's in charge here

This is what happens when Aunt Shelley gets a hold of my hair

Nothing dangerous here...

Me and mommy


Me and mommy's bestys


2 responses to “Saskatoon 2011

  1. Looks like you all had lots of fun! Cute pictures … I was going into withdrawals :o)

  2. That is one cute hat!

    And baby. The baby is cute too. But that HAT!

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