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Friday Fives: Birthday presents

Tristan was really spoiled for his birthday. Lots of toys, books, and clothes. Somewhat to my surprise, he seems to enjoy playing with everything he got. Of course, the wrapping paper and the boxes were considered to be superior to the toys, at least until they got recycled. In no particular order, here are 5 of the presents that he likes, those that didn’t make the list are no less loved, we just don’t have photos of everything yet.

1. Playskool Poppin’ Park Roll ‘n Pop Express.

From Gramma and Grampa, he got a little red train that shoots balls out of the smoke stack when you push it. He really loves it when we play with it, because he can chase the balls all around and put them back in the train. Alas, he hasn’t gotten the knack of pushing it himself to make the balls come out. He generally pushes it with his hand over the smokestack, and gets annoyed when the balls stay put.

 2. Vtech Learning Walker

From Omi he got this sweet walker. He doesn’t walk with it much, I think mostly because he doesn’t need support when he’s tearing around the house. But he loves to push the buttons and listen to all the noises, and to talk on the phone. Of course, the best part of the toy is the wheels, and he’ll flip it over and just sit there spinning them.

3. Fisher Price Airplane

From Uncle Gerd and Auntie Carol, he got this plane. At first he was afraid of it, because of the jet sounds it would make when you push the pilot’s seat. But he’s figured out how to avoid that, and he really enjoys the little spinner on the tail. He also likes to put his smaller stuffed toys in it and take them for a ride. Unfortunately, he gets quite upset when we won’t let him take in the bathtub.

4. Lost and Found, by Oliver Jeffers

Falina and Noah got Tristan this totally cute board book. It’s one of the few books we have that makes me really look forward to when he’s old enough to understand the story, instead of just enjoying the pictures and the snuggle time. Totally cute book.

5. A song!

When my sisters and I were young, we had these tiny floppy records that had personalized birthday songs on them. We played them every birthday until we were grown and out of the house. Mine has disappeared somewhere along the way, and I’d completely forgotten about it, but Auntie Melissa remembered. She ordered one for Tristan, and when the CD didn’t arrive in time, she got them to send us the mp3 file. Word press won’t let me post an audio file (unless I pay $20 for a space upgrade), so I attached the song to an old video, which was chosen solely on the criteria that it was almost the same length as the song.  Enjoy!

Birthday Song


Sitting on Santa’s knee

Last weekend, Nathan took Tristan to the mall to see Santa for the first time. We expected a bit of fuss, but Tristan outdid all the other babies. He screamed so loud you could hear it at the other end of the mall, and he was so determined to escape that even the very experienced Santa couldn’t hang on to him. Eventually Nathan sat with Tristan while Santa left, and after his cuteness calmed down, Santa snuck back in. Nathan leaned out of frame, and “snap”! One traumatizing photo was taken.