Ribbit ribbit raincoat!

It’s a bit appalling that Tristan has lived his whole life in Burnaby, all 13.5 months of it, without ever owning a raincoat. After all, it rains here. A lot. But up until now we’ve made do with sweaters and knitted coats, because we have underground parking.

But now that Tristan is such a determined walker, I figured it was time to invest in a raincoat, so we could go to the park even if it’s damp out. So we trekked out to the Children’s Place, and I let Tristan loose in the store. He picked this one out himself. We tried it on in the store, and he loved it so much that he cried when I took it off so the lady could scan it. He wore it home, and several days since. I don’t have a great photo, because he won’t stand still when he wears it – he just runs around like a madman. Or a madfrog.


2 responses to “Ribbit ribbit raincoat!

  1. An adorable little Prince Charming .. hiding as a frog! So Cute!

  2. there goes that frog theme again, glad to know he loves it so:)

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