Friday Fives: My awesome kid

This is going to be a quickie, because I’m going to bed mega early tonight. Nathan has been sick all week, and Tristan is STILL teething, so I’ve been getting little and less sleep. So tonight, bed by eight. Envy me my exciting life.

Nonetheless, a little blog post from me to you.

Five reasons why my kid is awesome, in no particular order.

  1. Leg hugs. Nowadays, whenever he’s startled, uncertain about something or somebody, or just playful, he’ll grab my leg in a bear hug and bury his head into my thigh (or, to be honest, sometimes my butt, which doesn’t always work out well for him). It’s so super cute, it makes my mommy-heart sigh and flutter every time.
  2. Kisses. Whenever we say, “kisses”, he turns to us, or the toy we’re holding, with a big open mouth, and leans in for a kiss. It’s a bit weird when I occasionally end up kissing his tongue, but it’s so cute that it’s worth it. He kisses his baby doll all the time, and his rubber ducks (which reminds me, I found one in the washing machine this morning, I’ll have to make sure it doesn’t end up going through the next load), and even the mirror. Now all we need to do is teach him how to pucker.
  3. The sock game. I put his socks on, he takes them off. Again and again, and he’s killing himself laughing the whole time. I caught a bit of it on video, check it out on TristanTube. It’s hilarious every time.
  4. Getting ready to go out. Tristan has started to bring shoes and coat to me when he thinks it’s time to go outside. He’ll put down whatever he has in his hands so he can put his arms through the sleeves, and will take his shoes and/or socks and rest them on his toes in an attempt to put them on. Then he’ll stand by the door and practically pant with excitement until I open it. Cute!
  5. This face! How awesome is it?

Tristan and Ewan, his daycare buddy.

Also, Tristan is now on Twitter! Follow him at TisforTristanX. Now, I’m off to bed.


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