A few weeks ago, Nathan got really sick. High fever hallucination kind of sick. After week of an agonizingly sore throat, he finally got swabbed, and found out he had strep. He’s been on antibiotics for a week, and is much better. Just in time for me to get sick. I’m currently on the couch, sweating, shivering, and moaning all at the same time. So far Tristan is fine, and fingers crossed he stays that way. But strep has a long incubation, so he won’t be out of the woods for at least a week. So, cross your fingers for the baby-o. I’ll see you all back here when I’m feeling better.


One response to “Strep

  1. Poor sweeties … I am coming!!! I will make chicken soup or whatever it takes to make all of you much, much better! xoxo Gramma

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