Monthly Archives: February 2012

On Hats and Gramma

My mom was kind enough to come over and help with Tristan while I was suffering through the worst of the strep. She was a little concerned that Tristan had forgotten her, as it had been 6 weeks since she’d seen him. She needn’t have worried – when we opened the door and he saw her, he made a little whimper of excitement and threw himself at her so violently that I nearly dropped him. Needless to say, it did her little heart good to receive such a warm welcome.

They spent a good amount of time playing with his shape blocks – Tristan absolutely loves this toy right now. He’s really good at sorting out all the round shapes and putting them in the right hole, and he’s getting pretty good at the brick-shapes. The triangles and arches give him trouble. In fact, he’s so good at cylinders and bricks that he now puts them in the wrong hole on purpose, because he thinks it’s funny when we accuse him of cheating. For some reason, playing with shapes is always improved by wearing Auntie Sarah’s elf hat.

Gramma also came with us to the park, which was tons of fun. It was a cool day, so we bundled up in the coat that Grampa’s good friends, Marg and Sully, got for Tristan at the Free Store on Cortes Island. The coat has been perfect for the season, as it’s nice and warm. His only other winter coat is the froggy rain coat, which is great if it’s wet out, but not so snuggly as this one.



We played lots at the park, with some sliding, some teeter-tottering, and lots of time on the swing.


When we got home, there was yet more playing with Gramma. She found my Holly Hobby doll, which is my oldest surviving toy. The doll was a gift from my little sister, Melissa, when she came home from the hospital. She’s a little worse for wear, but still dear to my heart. Mom took her little bonnet and put it on Tristan’s head. Turns out he’s always wanted to star in “Little House on the Prairie”, and he wore it for the better part of an hour.

Alas, eventually Gramma had to leave. Tristan and I managed to get over the trauma, though he has been extra clingy the last few days. His latest desire is to be picked up all the time. No joke, all the time, which makes it hard to do stuff, like cook. So we compromise by letting him sit on the “counter” while we work. He loves being up high, and is very good about not playing with the knives, or turning the oven on under his butt.

Today I came home from work to find this domestic scene – Nathan cooking, and Tristan watching, while wearing a new hat. Apparently Daddy and Baby went to the mall today, and Nathan couldn’t resist this lid. How cute is that?