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Feast your eyes on this cuteness!


Señor PapaCabeza

Where does this thing go?

A few years ago, my sister Sarah was going across the country on yet another road trip (read about her adventures here!), and she surprised my mom by meeting up with her somewhere in the states. They hung out for a few days, and capped off their time together by going to see Toy Story 3. Afterwards, as they relived the magical adventures of Woody, Buzz and friends, they had a conversation that I imagine went something like this.

Sarah: So….Funny….
Mom: When Buzz was talking in Spanish….*laughs again*
Sarah: You know what I always wanted as a kid, and never had?
Mom: The love of your parents?
Sarah: Ha ha. No. A Mr. Potato Head. Always wanted one, never got one.
Mom: *laughs again* I’ll tell you what. I’ll buy you one for Christmas.
Sarah: Cool. You know what would have made this movie better?
Mom: More spanish?
Sarah:Yes, and also, if Angie was here with us.
Mom: Absolutely. Angie makes everything better.
Sarah: I always knew she was your favorite.
Mom: I’ve tried to hide it all these years, but I’m tired of living a lie. Yes, Angie is absolutely my favorite daughter.
Sarah: It’s okay, I understand. She’s my favorite family member too. At least she will be until her baby is born. I bet he’s going to be pretty amazingly cute.
Mom: Undoubtedly. He’ll probably be the cutest baby in all the land.

Etc etc … Flash forward 6 months to Christmas. Sarah holds a strangely shaped package in her  hands and unwraps it. Mom looks on, grinning from ear to ear, looking mightily pleased with herself. Sarah unwraps it to find…you guessed it…Mr. Potato Head.

She looked at it, looked at mom, looked at it, looked at me. I shrugged, I didn’t know what was going on. Tristan burbled. Mom burst out laughing – she was so proud of the present, and Sarah was so confused. Mom recounted the above conversation, but Sarah didn’t remember it at all.

Christmas ended in tears – Sarah because she didn’t understand why she was getting a toy, Mom because her joke had fallen flat, Tristan because he had colic, me because I hadn’t slept in 4 weeks.

Now for the happy part – when Sarah left back for Halifax, she left Mr. Potato Head with us, for Tristan when he grew older.

Flash forward again to Monday night. Tristan was digging around in his toy trunk, and found the Potato Head. He wanted to play with it, and we figured that 16 months is close enough to the recommended 2 year age limit, so we opened it up. After showing him how it worked, we left him to it, and he spent about 20 minutes very seriously adding a seemingly random assortment of body parts to various holes. He was fully engrossed in it, and some of his creations were pretty hilarious. Alas, they never lasted long enough to get a photo of them, but we documented his creative process.

I'm not sure lips go here, but they seem to fit...

Yes, nose under eyes, got it.

I don't know why there's a tongue on top of his head, I'm only one!

Come alive, my potato progeny. COME ALIVE!