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Happy half-birthday, sweet one.

Dear Tristan,

Last week you turned one-and-a-half. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone, and how much you’ve grown. Physically, you still top the charts; at 31.5 lbs and 86 cm, you are still in the 95th percentile. But though you have a Budda belly, and a few rolls in your thighs, you’re not a fat kid. Your eyes have settled into a rich shade of brown, and your hair is almost blonde, with that cute little curl at the nape of your neck.

You’re sturdy and solid, but light on your feet. You climb like a pro, love to dance and jog on the spot, and still flap your arms when you’re excited. You have an easy smile and a contagious grin, but you don’t lose yourself in laughter over every little thing. But when something does strike you as funny, you’ll laugh until you’re breathless. However, you’re just as likely to have a frown of concentration or determination on your face.

As you have been all along, you’re a watcher and a thinker. In any new environment, you take in everything around you, pointing out both the new and the familiar. You’ve recently become very social, losing your old shyness. You hug random kids at the playground (sometimes a little too enthusiastically), and will sit on any adult’s lap who will take you. You’re happy to share your toys, and don’t get upset when other kids take what you were playing with.

Right now, your favorite toys are Frank the rabbit, your kitty, the plastic T-Rex that Grampa gave you (which loves to drink milk and eat cheerios), mega blocks, and trains. In fact, trains and trucks have become an obsession with you. You sign every time you see a truck or bus, and squeal in excitement. You also love animals, and point out every one we see, be it mammal, bird, fish or bug. Recently at Grampa’s you tamed the rabbits in two days by bringing them greens to eat, and delighted in looking for worms under a stump. You also spent a day at the beach communicating with a crowing rooster – perhaps we should have given you the middle name Doolittle.

Your favorite foods are bread and jam, yogurt, fruit of almost any sort, but especially berries, oranges and mango. You also love graham crackers and granola bars. You’ve stopped eating most veggies, but still love carrot muffins. You’ve also gone off bananas, which was a surprise. But you like spicy food, and sushi is still always a hit. As long as the California Roll has cucumber in it, and not the dreaded avocado.

Other stats – you have 12 teeth (4 each front top and bottom, one molar on each side, no eyeteeth), you know about 60 signs (mostly food, animals, toys and trucks), you only have a few words (no, woof, meow, moo and maybe mama?), and you love wearing hats.

In every way, you are an absolute delight. You are thoughtful, funny, goofy, determined, incredibly patient, persistent, friendly and easy-going. Everybody who knows you is madly in love with you, and your extended family hates that we live so far away. It might only be across the straight, but for your adoring Omi, Gramma and Grampa, it might as well be the moon. Never mind poor Auntie Sarah, who hasn’t seen you in nearly a year. Hopefully we’ll remedy that this summer. Though, it must be admitted, I’m apprehensive about a 7 hour flight with you. Hopefully you’ll sleep as easily as you do in the car.

This isn’t a new sentiment coming from a mother, but it’s true. You bring wonder, delight and joy into my life in a way I never thought possible. It’s been a privilege getting to know you, and I look forward to watching you develop into the boy you’ll become. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Your momma.


Friday Fives: New Hobbies

1. Blowing bubbles! When Gramma and Grampa were here last week, they bought a few different types of bubbles, and Tristan has been absolutely loving them. We go out almost every day to blow bubbles in the lawn.

2. Bubble baths! Do we sense a theme here? Tristan is again not loving bath time, but as long as we have a few bubbles in the bath everything is okay. He even said the word bubble once, while getting into the bath. At least, I’m pretty sure he did.

3. Petal confetti. With all the ornamental trees around, the gale-force winds and hot sun have created massive pink petal snowdrifts around our complex. Today Tristan discovered how much fun it is to toss them in the air and let them sprinkle down onto his head. And into his ears, down his diaper, between his toes…

4. Getting into stuff. Literally, climbing into and out of things. The laundry basket, the upside-down stool, the bouncy toy (which he hasn’t played in since he was about 8 months old), little cars at the playground, and of course any box he can fit at least one foot into.

5. Hiking! A few weekends ago we got again with the baby backpack, and Tristan loved it. He could run around when he felt like it, and hop in for an easy ride when he got tired. At one point he conked right out, looking mighty uncomfortable.