Monthly Archives: June 2012

Friday Fives: Even more recent hobbies

1. Biking. Tristan got his dinosaur helmet a few weeks ago, and now that the weather has FINALLY cleared up (even if only for a day), we took a spin in our new bike trailer. He seemed to enjoy it, though he kept his serious face on for most of the trip.


2. Sniffing flowers. Every flower we pass needs to be sniffed. Even pictures of flowers.

3. Honking noses. Not that this is a new hobby, but he’s becoming obsessive about it. Though I may have been an accessory in this particular instance. Nose honking

4. Fountains. This kid is crazy about fountains. Especially if you can play in them. Speaking of, I guess I’d better get him ready for the water park this afternoon!

5. Crashing into piles of blankets. Last week Tristan was “helping” me organize the linen closet, which mainly meant piling up blankets and pillows then throwing himself onto them. I think by this fall he’ll be ready for piles of leaves.