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Galey Farms – so much fun!

This morning, Gramma, Grampa and I took Tristan to Galey Farms. This working farm in Victoria has a sweet “Eco-tourism” set-up, perfect for a sunny October morning. For $10 per adult, you get all-day access to the facility. This includes:

a) Petting zoo. Definitely not the highlight. There are 4 pygmy goats to pet, all quite docile and lovely. Also pens with a pig, a donkey, and a few calfs, but you can’t go in with them.

You can see the corn maze in behind the train here

b) Corn maze. This was amazing. A huge, sprawling maze that opens onto the old western town, the HUGE sphinx, and has a tall viewing platform that overlooks the fields for miles. Just keep an eye on your kids – it would be easy to get lost in here.


c) Train ride. Definitely the highlight for Tristan, and the rest of us. This 20 minute ride runs about 5 times a day, and was jam-packed. It tours the farm, and goes through several animatronic attractions. We were so busy being amazed we only took a few pictures. But there was an old-west town, Sasquatch’s hut, Dinosaur Valley, a pirate ship, and a haunted tent.

d) Hay ride. A huge tractor pulled a haycart full of folk to the pumpkin patch, where we got to pick our own pumpkins. Cost ranged from $2 for small to $5 for large pumpkins. Good deal! Tristan really enjoyed carrying his pumpkin around.

They also have a fruit/veggie stand, and sell a lot of Babe’s Honey. We spent 2.5 hours there, and if we’d brought lunch, would have stayed longer and taken another spin on the train. I highly recommend it, and apparently starting next weekend they have spooky evening activities leading up to Halloween.