Halloween 2012

We started out the holiday with some good old pumpkin carving! With the help of the internets, Tristan picked out the designs he wanted on the pumpkins, and he helped me scoop them out.

Our good friend Shelley got Tristan this super cute little outfit when se came out for a visit in September, and he’s been in love with it ever since. So of course he wanted to wear it for Halloween!

Gramma and Grampa came over to pick us up, and we all headed over the Tillicum Mall for their hour of trick or treating. Despite the chaos of so many kids and families and noise and costumes, Tristan really enjoyed himself. He never worked up to actually saying Trick or Treat, but he did like holding the bag out and getting something put into it.

We then took a quick trip over to GG’s house (great granny) so she could admire him. He quickly discovered his toes, which was no end of amusement. He also liked playing Peek in his costume.

Later on, after dinner, Nathan took him around the neighbourhood a little, mostly so they could meet the new neighbours. I was too bagged to join them, so sorry, no pics of that. Tristan loved it though, especially loved knocking on the doors. He cried when he came home, and kept trying to run out the door again. A few pieces of chocolate cured that – for about 3 minutes! But we finally got our little dragon off to bed.


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