Destination Texas: Days 1 and 2

A mere 14 months after our wedding, Nathan and I finally are able to go on our honeymoon. And by honeymoon, I mean semi-relaxing-vacation, complete with almost-two-year-old son and cranky-wife with massive belly. So, not so much with the romantic. We had originally planned and hoped for Hawaii, but finally had to admit there were a few problems with the plan. One, I’m massive (seriously, are there two in here?), and not at my physical peak. Two, getting to the two islands that we wanted to visit (Kaua’i and Hawai’i) is really expensive. I really didn’t want my possibly only trip to Hawaii to be remembered for all the things I wasn’t able to do.

So, after much deliberation (like 20 minutes) we decided to make Texas our honeymoon destination instead. Reasons? Neither of us had been here, the weather would be nice, and there were some new birds for Nathan to see. We also had to go quickly, as Tristan will be 2 soon, which means he’ll need his own seat on the airline, and I’ll be too pregnant to fly soon. So, despite Nathan just starting his new job, and us just moving to Victoria a week ago, we found ourselves with tickets booked to Texas for Nov 3rd.

After a successful trip to Halifax with Tristan in August, I wasn’t very concerned about taking him on the plane. And, as expected he was a champ. We had a quick flight to Seattle, then a long wait at the airport, then a 4 hour connection to San Antonio. The bambino slept in Nathan’s arms the first 2 hours of the longer flight, and the rest of the flight was easily taken up with lunch, his toy plane, and a new sticker book.

After taking a bus to the car rental place, finding and installing a car seat, and making our way to the hotel, Tristan was VERY excited to get to our room. He spent almost half an hour jumping and playing on our huge bed. We then took a quick drive downtown to find some food. He wasn’t so interested in the quesadilla, but was happy to listen to the mariachi band playing at the next table.

I’d had concerns about putting him to bed in the same room we would be in, and be up in, but it was fine. Mostly because we were so tired that we went to bed at nearly the same time that he did! Ah, romance!

Sunday morning dawned bright and clear (and a little early, thanks to the time change). We enjoyed our free continental breakfast, complete with waffles, at the Best Western Alamo. We then ventured out to find that most-important historical site here in San Antonio. Turns out it was easy to find – it’s right downtown, surrounded by hotels and shopping malls. I wonder what Davy Crockett would make of that.

The Alamo was very interesting, surprisingly emotional for me (I blame the pregnancy hormones), and very beautiful. Tristan enjoyed getting his fingers dirty in the mud and trying to scale the cannons. BTW, the Texians are lovely people, and everybody smiled at Tristan, rather than giving him the stink eye for attempting to climb their national treasure.

Next up was a short walk to find the River Walk. My mom recommended we take the barge tour, and it was money well spent. The tour goes through the canal/river that makes downtown San Antonio such a beautiful and popular tourist destination. Our guide, Rusty, was funny and knowledgable, and only bumped us into the side of the canal once.

After the trip, we headed to the food fair of the Riverwalk Mall for lunch, as it was almost one and Tristan was starved. We then walked along the river a little way until we were able to find our car and head back to the hotel for naptime. Not just for him!

The nap was off to a slow start, as Tristan was a little wound up from the morning. After listening to him sing for about 10 minutes, Nathan and I looked up from our bed to see a little face poking around the corner. He grinned, waved, said “hi!”, then raced away and tried to get out the door and down the hall. We have no idea how he escaped the playpen, but he was mighty pleased with himself!

As he and I slumbered the afternoon away, Nathan went on a long and fruitless search for a grocery store. After T finally awoke, we drove a few blocks until we found a playground, and he happily ran around there for almost an hour. Then it was off for a quick dinner, a long and very wet bath, and bedtime. At least he didn’t escape the playpen again!

Tomorrow: the zoo!

Nathan’s Texas bird count = 12



3 responses to “Destination Texas: Days 1 and 2

  1. Sounds like you have had a wonderful first vacation day! I am so happy for you 3!

  2. Too bad he felt the need to announce his escape half way through the break out. He has so much to learn about running away. I will make it my top priority to teach him.

  3. Yo ho you three and two thirds, Your surroundings look wonderful.Bravo for going. I admire your courage and tenacity Huge hugs for you all.Much love GG

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