Destination Texas: Days 3 and 4

On Monday, we got up “early” and made our way north to the San Antonio Zoo. We were warned to go early, to avoid lines, but the zoo was pretty quiet, so we needent have worried. As usual with zoos, Tristan was happy to run around and glance at animals, but he doesn’t really get into it yet. There was also a 15 minute train ride through the beautiful Brackenridge Park, and he wore his serious face for the whole thing. But he seemed to like it, especially when it was over.

After coming home for nap, we played with his new animal zoo train set for a while, then headed out for dinner. We went back to the river to experience the romantic ambience of the River Walk at night. It was very beautiful, and we had some very tasty and relatively inexpensive Mexican food at Casa Rio. Tristan enjoyed his chicken wings, and pointing out all the passing barges. We took a few pics, but they’re all a bit blurry.

On Tuesday, we closed down shop in San Antonio and headed south. After an hour and a half or so, we arrived at Choke Canyon State Park. Nathan was hoping to find some wild turkeys, and a few other birds. We found the turkeys pretty quick, but the birding was slim. We were there at high noon, and it was bloody hot, and every sensible living thing was hunkered down in the shade.

The only exceptions were the butterflies. Texas is CRAZY with butterflies right now. I don’t know, maybe it’s an all year thing, but looking up in the sky at this park was like looking up into a heavy snowfall. The sky was thick with small butterflies. Putting my binoculars on them was like discovering the stars with bins the first time. You’re like, “Hey, there’s a lot of butterflies up there,” then you put your bins on them, and you’re like, “Holy Hell! There’s 1000 times more than I thought there was 10 seconds ago!” Unfortunately, trying to take photos of them just up in the sky like that is not possible for my old camera. Nathan got a few feeding on flowers.

We then headed south for 3 hours, to McAllen. Tristan was supposed to nap in the car, but I guess we forgot to tell him that. He got quite bored and tired and hungry and fussy, and ended up screaming. I finally jumped in the back with him and calmed him down by opening my computer and putting on Chuggington for a while. Thank goodness I loaded some on the computer!

We arrived at the hotel to find that our reservation had told the hotel the wrong dates. So 25 minutes later, the very nice front desk staff got us sorted out, and we finally got into our room. Tristan ran around like a crazy person for 45 minutes or so, releasing the wiggles from the day. But after a quick dinner of leftovers and a quicker bath, he was out like a light. Hopefully he sleeps in tomorrow!

Nathan’s Texas bird count so far: 50
Nathan’s lifers: 2
Angie’s lifers: 7


One response to “Destination Texas: Days 3 and 4

  1. Awesome pictures … Love to read you … thank you for keeping us updated!

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