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Tristan at two

(Can we just pretend this was posted before Christmas, when I wrote it? Somehow the posting got missed in the pre-Christmas madness.)

IMG_1345On November 21st, Tristan turned two. It was a low-key affair, as we had just got home from Texas, and it was the middle of the week. I had intended to write this post and get it out on his birthday, before the chaos of his party. You know how it is, somehow things kept cropping up.

It’s amazing that my sweet baby is so very far from being a baby now. Two short years, two long years – so much has happened. I started to write that he’s becoming a real little person, but that’s not accurate. He’s been a real little person since day one, and his personality, while developing, hasn’t undergone any radical changes. He’s still a deep thinker, a watcher, a careful observer of the world around him. He’s quicker to laugh now, and is generally sunny and cheerful most of the time. His easygoing nature is one of the reasons he charms everybody around him.

IMG_1325Big changes lately include – talking! The rate this kid is picking up words in incredible. In the last 3 months, he’s gone from having a vocabulary of about 15 words, to having several hundred, and picking up new words and phrases daily. Pronunciation is still a bit of a struggle – often we have to interpret for him – but it beats the heck of out sign language. It’s so interesting to hear him talk quietly while playing – we’re finally getting a hint of what his inner world is like.

Tristan is still an animal lover, and enjoys his stuffies immensely. They have conversations with him, with us, and each other, mostly consisting of hi and bye bye. He is so empathetic with his animals that he won’t eat animal crackers, because biting them gives the animals boo boos. Nor would he eat his halloween donut with the cat on it. We had to make his cake a train, rather than an owl or cat, for fear he wouldn’t eat it!

IMG_2548Favorite toys at the moment are: his new trainset, all his stuffed animals, his mini-carnival tent (hide, hide!), and books. Gracious, how this kid loves to read. One of his first phrases was munmoretory! (One more story.) He wants stories first thing in the morning, after snack, before nap, after nap, before bed, and any time in between. Going to the library is one of his favorite outings. Though that may have something to do with the puppet theatre they have.

IMG_1361Hot wheels are also still in the top five, as is his fire engine. He’s also really gotten into puzzles, and has way more patience for them than I do. He also loves to bake and cook, and loves making cookies, cakes, muffins and helping out with cooking dinner. Also, a great way to get him to eat – if he knows he helped cook it, he’s way more likely to eat it. Which, I think, is not a newsflash as far as toddlers are concerned.

IMG_1327He’s also very intrigued with the baby in mummy’s tummy, and often comes over to point it out, say hello, give it a kiss, or even a toy. Several times a week I’m walking around with a hot wheels shoved under my shirt, or a stuffed penguin, so the baby can play with it. I’m very curious to see how he handles the actual arrival of little sis to the family.

I wish I could do him justice in a blog post, but it’s impossible to catch his sunny smile, his cute turn of phrase, and his daily changes in something as mundane as words on a screen. I just hope he knows how much he’s loved, and how much we’re enjoying watching him develop into the terrific toddler he’s becoming.