The Blog, Mark 2

This poor blog has been cruelly neglected the last year or so. Of course, I have a pretty good excuse – getting pregnant, moving, having a baby. But life seems to be settling down into something approaching a routine, and I find myself keen to give this another go. I started this blog when Tristan was 6 months old, and as Cora is rapidly approaching this landmark age, it seems timely.

So, now T is for Two. Twice the cuteness, twice the fun, twice the lack of sleep. Speaking of sleep, I hear Cora stirring, so I’d best hit publish fast, before this languishes in draft form for another month. More posts to come soon, I hope, in the mean time, here’s Cora.

20130719_164425 20130713_122758-001 20130721_142919 20130722_171858 20130722_091323


One response to “The Blog, Mark 2

  1. So glad you’re back in the saddle, in terms of blogging of course. Love the photo of the two of them together. Sweet!

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