Things I Forgot: Introducing Food

You’d think I would have this down. After all, I only just had a Tristan two and a bit years before Cora. I thought that kid number 2 would be so much easier than number 1, because after all, I’ve just been through it all. And in some ways, that’s true. And in some ways, it’s so very much not.

It’s astonishing how much I forgot between Tristan and Cora. So much more than I could put in a single blog post. And that’s why I’m making a new category: Things I Forgot.

Cora is now 6 months old, and has been very interested in food for almost 2 months. About 5 weeks ago, she launched herself across my lap and managed to fall with her lips wrapped around my apple core. She latched onto it so strongly that I had to break it to get it out of her mouth. So it was with great anticipation that we finally started to offer her real food.  And, as she discovers the joys of eating, I find that I’m rediscovering much about it.


  1. Some babies need help swallowing. At first Cora spat everything out, but kept opening her mouth for food, and cried when we gave up and took it away. But finally she grabbed the spoon and held it in her mouth, and was able to finally swallow. After all, babies have had a nipple in their mouth every time they’ve swallowed so far, makes sense they’d need help learning to swallow with nothing between their lips.
    Tristan never had this problem, but it was something that Nathan and I had read about. 
    Yet with Cora, it took us nearly 2 weeks to figure out that was her problem. She’s eating like a pro now.
  2. Kids are MESSY. I know this seems obvious, but Tristan is such a good eater now, I forgot how messy they are when they’re new. It’s not just a matter of food all over the face. It’s hands in the bowl, food in the hair, food on every bit of clothing, food between chubby fingers, food ground into the high chair, food somehow on the inside of my glasses. Cora’s laundry needs have suddenly more than doubled.
  3. Cora HATES getting her hands and face washed. Tristan was exactly the same, but I didn’t remember that until she started howling. You’d think I was trying to cram the washcloth down her throat or something.
  4. The change in poop. Breastfed baby poop is not that unpleasant. It’s liquid, so it doesn’t need to be rinsed out of cloth diapers, it’s a pleasing yellow colour, and it doesn’t really stink. But introduce a little banana and oatmeal into the diet and that all changes. The weeks of transition, as their little bellies get used to digesting other food, are particularly gross. I remember blogging about some of Tristan’s diaper catastrophes, but I’d forgotten just how awful it gets. Don’t worry, no poop photos yet. But I don’t promise there won’t be any diaper haikus.



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