Friday Fives: Funny Phrases

Now that Tristan is talking so much, it’s hard to remember what it was like before he was verbal. He’s always been hilarious, and talking just adds a whole other layer of funniness to him. Here’s a few of his most recent gems.

  1. The other day he held out a kinderegg and said, “Mommy, open it.” We’re working on saying please, so I said, “Excuse me? Is there a better way to ask that?” So he chucked it hard at my leg and said, “Open it UP!”
  2. Nathan and I were discussing pregnancy, and I mentioned peeing on a stick (no, we’re not pregnant nor will we be trying!). About 2 minutes later, after the conversation had moved on, Tristan said, “Pee on a stick? That sounds awful!”
  3. I was asking what he wanted for breakfast, and said, “You have two options, cereal or waffles.” He considered it, then said, “How about THREE options?”
  4. Still on the option topic, it was time to clean up and I said he had the option to pick up his puzzles or put away his cars. He lay down on the toy chest and said, “Those aren’t good options. They bad options. They mean options. I have no options.”
  5. Apparently he listens too closely to me, because after doing an inadequate job of washing his hands the other day, he said, “Good enough. That means not perfect, but all that I feel like doing.”

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