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Friday Fives: How Cora is different from Tristan

  1. She sucks her toes. I was promised that all babies went through a toe sucking stage, but Tristan never did. But Cora does enough cute toe-sucking to make up for his lack. See video evidence here.
  2. She’s less mobile. By this stage Tristan was already crawling (see refresher video evidence here), but Cora isn’t even rolling over yet. But she’s sitting like a pro!
  3. 20130822_075302She’s more smiley. Tristan was, and is, more serious, more of an observer. But Cora will smile at anything and anyone. I constantly get comments when I’m out with her because she’s such a flirt.
  4. She’s a worse sleeper. It seems to me that Tristan was only getting up once a night to feed, and he was napping like a pro by this age. Cora is still up and down with going to sleep. She’s up 1-3 times a night, and often doesn’t nap at all, but will just scream for a half hour until I get her up. But it’s possible that I’m just not remembering…that happens.
  5. She’s more chatty. Cora has lots of consonant sounds – she makes mumumum and bababa type babbling. Tristan didn’t start with most consonant sounds until after he was 1. At this age he was still just cooing and making little bird noises. It will be interesting to see if she talks sooner than he did.

But one thing that’s the same – they’re both the cutest babies in all the land!


Friday Fives: Even more recent hobbies

1. Biking. Tristan got his dinosaur helmet a few weeks ago, and now that the weather has FINALLY cleared up (even if only for a day), we took a spin in our new bike trailer. He seemed to enjoy it, though he kept his serious face on for most of the trip.


2. Sniffing flowers. Every flower we pass needs to be sniffed. Even pictures of flowers.

3. Honking noses. Not that this is a new hobby, but he’s becoming obsessive about it. Though I may have been an accessory in this particular instance. Nose honking

4. Fountains. This kid is crazy about fountains. Especially if you can play in them. Speaking of, I guess I’d better get him ready for the water park this afternoon!

5. Crashing into piles of blankets. Last week Tristan was “helping” me organize the linen closet, which mainly meant piling up blankets and pillows then throwing himself onto them. I think by this fall he’ll be ready for piles of leaves.

Friday Fives: New Hobbies

1. Blowing bubbles! When Gramma and Grampa were here last week, they bought a few different types of bubbles, and Tristan has been absolutely loving them. We go out almost every day to blow bubbles in the lawn.

2. Bubble baths! Do we sense a theme here? Tristan is again not loving bath time, but as long as we have a few bubbles in the bath everything is okay. He even said the word bubble once, while getting into the bath. At least, I’m pretty sure he did.

3. Petal confetti. With all the ornamental trees around, the gale-force winds and hot sun have created massive pink petal snowdrifts around our complex. Today Tristan discovered how much fun it is to toss them in the air and let them sprinkle down onto his head. And into his ears, down his diaper, between his toes…

4. Getting into stuff. Literally, climbing into and out of things. The laundry basket, the upside-down stool, the bouncy toy (which he hasn’t played in since he was about 8 months old), little cars at the playground, and of course any box he can fit at least one foot into.

5. Hiking! A few weekends ago we got again with the baby backpack, and Tristan loved it. He could run around when he felt like it, and hop in for an easy ride when he got tired. At one point he conked right out, looking mighty uncomfortable.

Friday Fives: My awesome kid

This is going to be a quickie, because I’m going to bed mega early tonight. Nathan has been sick all week, and Tristan is STILL teething, so I’ve been getting little and less sleep. So tonight, bed by eight. Envy me my exciting life.

Nonetheless, a little blog post from me to you.

Five reasons why my kid is awesome, in no particular order.

  1. Leg hugs. Nowadays, whenever he’s startled, uncertain about something or somebody, or just playful, he’ll grab my leg in a bear hug and bury his head into my thigh (or, to be honest, sometimes my butt, which doesn’t always work out well for him). It’s so super cute, it makes my mommy-heart sigh and flutter every time.
  2. Kisses. Whenever we say, “kisses”, he turns to us, or the toy we’re holding, with a big open mouth, and leans in for a kiss. It’s a bit weird when I occasionally end up kissing his tongue, but it’s so cute that it’s worth it. He kisses his baby doll all the time, and his rubber ducks (which reminds me, I found one in the washing machine this morning, I’ll have to make sure it doesn’t end up going through the next load), and even the mirror. Now all we need to do is teach him how to pucker.
  3. The sock game. I put his socks on, he takes them off. Again and again, and he’s killing himself laughing the whole time. I caught a bit of it on video, check it out on TristanTube. It’s hilarious every time.
  4. Getting ready to go out. Tristan has started to bring shoes and coat to me when he thinks it’s time to go outside. He’ll put down whatever he has in his hands so he can put his arms through the sleeves, and will take his shoes and/or socks and rest them on his toes in an attempt to put them on. Then he’ll stand by the door and practically pant with excitement until I open it. Cute!
  5. This face! How awesome is it?

Tristan and Ewan, his daycare buddy.

Also, Tristan is now on Twitter! Follow him at TisforTristanX. Now, I’m off to bed.

Friday Fives: How to make the screaming stop

Tristan hates getting dropped off at daycare. He’s been going for more than two months now – every Friday and Monday, a very nice lady named Jessica looks after him. Jessica is a SAHM with a little cutie called Ewan who is a few months older than Tristan. They have a beagle and a few cats, which Tristan likes to chase around, and during the day he likes to play with Ewan and snuggle with Jessica.

However, you’d never know that by the way he behaves in the morning. As soon as Nathan walks up to Jessica’s house and she opens the door, the tears begin. And the moment he’s out of Nathan’s arms, it becomes a full-blown tantrum. It’s a red-faced, eyes-scrunched, crocodile-tears, arm-waving scream-fest. The type where he screams so loud and so long that you become afraid he won’t be able to draw a breath. It’s heartbreaking to witness, and it leaves Nathan slightly traumatized for the rest of the morning. I have to admit, I’m a little bit glad it’s him and not me who has to deal with it, because I’d probably be in tears for my whole commute.

Now, I have to give full kudos to Jessica, who is never the least bit fazed by this display of hysteria. She just deals with it very matter-of-factly, not being overly emotional and sympathetic, but not being annoyed or frustrated with him either. She tells us that it never lasts more than five minutes after we leave. However, it’s no fun for anybody, and Nathan and Jessica have tried various strategies to make leave-taking less traumatic for all involved. So for the Friday Fives this week, we have given report card grades to some of these strategies.

  1. Staying to chat. Sometimes Nathan will just hang around for a while, chatting with Jessica, so that Tristan can take his time adjusting.  Generally, Tristan just stays snuggled into Nathan’s shoulder, saving his energy for the screaming. It doesn’t matter how long Nathan lingers, the screams always come. C-
  2. Bribes. As you may remember, Tristan loves blueberries. He’ll always happily devour them, and we have been successfully used blueberries to distract him after vaccinations at the doctor. So the idea was to have Jessica give him blueberries as a sort of positive reinforcement – something to look forward to. It worked once, sort of. Since then, he ignores them completely, screaming so hard that he can’t even see them, and the arm-waving just increases the likelihood that Jessica will be mopping blueberry juice off the floor later. D
  3. Reading. Before Nathan even leaves, Jessica will take Tristan and read a book. This seems to reduce the screaming to mere crying, most of the time. Except when it doesn’t. C
  4. House tour. On a related strategy, she’ll take him and walk around the house, pointing out toys, or Christmas tree ornaments, or other fun things, in an attempt to distract him. Again, it seems to bring the level of freaking-out down a notch. Usually. B-
  5. Puppy licks. Tristan loves to follow Cooper, the beagle puppy, around during the day. So it was thought at one point that maybe if he was allowed to play with the dog in the morning, it might distract him. Alas, it turns out that getting licked by Cooper at the same time that Daddy is leaving raises the trauma by a power of ten. F

If anybody has any suggestions, we’d love to hear them. After 2 months of daycare, it’s getting worse, not better. One thing we’d like to try is to have Ewan act as a distraction; unfortunately, Ewan is still in bed when Tristan arrives. On the other hand, maybe he’d just set Ewan off, and then Jessica would be stuck with two screamers*. In the mean time, send all your positive morning mojo to Nathan, who has to go and work on his thesis all day long, with the sound of Tristan screaming still ringing in his ears.


*Note – I don’t mean the large, ugly bird called a southern screamer. Then again, it’s likely that only Nathan was confused by that sentence.

Friday Fives: Birthday presents

Tristan was really spoiled for his birthday. Lots of toys, books, and clothes. Somewhat to my surprise, he seems to enjoy playing with everything he got. Of course, the wrapping paper and the boxes were considered to be superior to the toys, at least until they got recycled. In no particular order, here are 5 of the presents that he likes, those that didn’t make the list are no less loved, we just don’t have photos of everything yet.

1. Playskool Poppin’ Park Roll ‘n Pop Express.

From Gramma and Grampa, he got a little red train that shoots balls out of the smoke stack when you push it. He really loves it when we play with it, because he can chase the balls all around and put them back in the train. Alas, he hasn’t gotten the knack of pushing it himself to make the balls come out. He generally pushes it with his hand over the smokestack, and gets annoyed when the balls stay put.

 2. Vtech Learning Walker

From Omi he got this sweet walker. He doesn’t walk with it much, I think mostly because he doesn’t need support when he’s tearing around the house. But he loves to push the buttons and listen to all the noises, and to talk on the phone. Of course, the best part of the toy is the wheels, and he’ll flip it over and just sit there spinning them.

3. Fisher Price Airplane

From Uncle Gerd and Auntie Carol, he got this plane. At first he was afraid of it, because of the jet sounds it would make when you push the pilot’s seat. But he’s figured out how to avoid that, and he really enjoys the little spinner on the tail. He also likes to put his smaller stuffed toys in it and take them for a ride. Unfortunately, he gets quite upset when we won’t let him take in the bathtub.

4. Lost and Found, by Oliver Jeffers

Falina and Noah got Tristan this totally cute board book. It’s one of the few books we have that makes me really look forward to when he’s old enough to understand the story, instead of just enjoying the pictures and the snuggle time. Totally cute book.

5. A song!

When my sisters and I were young, we had these tiny floppy records that had personalized birthday songs on them. We played them every birthday until we were grown and out of the house. Mine has disappeared somewhere along the way, and I’d completely forgotten about it, but Auntie Melissa remembered. She ordered one for Tristan, and when the CD didn’t arrive in time, she got them to send us the mp3 file. Word press won’t let me post an audio file (unless I pay $20 for a space upgrade), so I attached the song to an old video, which was chosen solely on the criteria that it was almost the same length as the song.  Enjoy!

Birthday Song

Friday Fives: Old baby, new tricks

Tristan is 11 months old today. How the heck did this happen? He’s getting so big, so funny, so mobile! I have big plans for a proper post about him being 11 months old, but don’t hold your breath. In the mean time, here are his top 5 newest tricks.

  1. Grinding his teeth. He sucks his top lip in (not sure why this helps), and then grates, grinds and grunches his top teeth against his bottom ones. He still only has four in total, but they make the most god-awful noise. Not a fan.
  2. Throwing things. He’s getting a big kick out of trying to toss balls, blocks, rubber ducks, basically anything he can get his hands on. Occasionally he throws one forward, but just as often they go behind him, straight up in the air, or stay in his hand and get pounded into the floor instead.
  3. Emptying the tub. His favorite tub toy is a crushed water bottle, which he loves to splash and poor with. Lately his favorite trick is to fill it with water, then hold it over the edge of the tub and dump it on the floor. He’s like a water bottle ninja – even if Nathan and I are hovering over him, waiting to bat his hand away, he still manages to get a litre or two on the floor.
  4. Staying overnight with daddy. Okay, this was a one-off, not a trick, but it was a first. I went down to Seattle for a whirlwind overnight tour with my friend Yi, and Nathan and Tristan had a boy’s night. Tristan was great, and showed no signs of missing me at all.
  5. Walking! Saved the best for last. He still crawls most of the time as it’s faster, but he’s definitely taken a few steps to get from A to B. We have yet to catch it on film, though.

No new photos at the moment, but I’ll put some up soon.