T’s Milestones

Jan 30: Starts to make “vroom” noises when pushing anything around the floor – examples – popcorn container, boxes, my shoe.

Jan 29: Weaned. Mommy’s heart breaks a little, but it was clearly his decision.

Jan 28: Starts to make “vroom” noises when pushing his cars around the floor.

January: Demonstrates excellent immune system by not getting strep when everybody else in the house is laid low by it.

December 16: Climbs into brown chair unassisted (also dives off it onto cushions).

December 16: Makes first sign – asked for “more” when being fed blueberries on the ferry. Repeated sign at snack time when asking for more Chinese noodles.

December 15: Clapped on demand several times.

December 4: Lay down in bathtub on belly

December 3: Sat on Santa’s lap

December 1: First molar

November 28: Span in a circle until he fell down.

November 18: First Birthday party!

November 15: Getting pretty good at eating with a spoon

November 13: Tooth #5

November 12: Walked backwards

November 10: Grabbed mom’s leg to hide behind

November 5: First raspberry blowing

November 3: Walking more than crawling

October 31: Superman for his first Halloween

October 30: Added “mamama” to his growing repertoire of sounds

October 19: First steps! Also beginning of tooth grinding

October 17: Starts using bottle to pour bath water onto the floor

October 8: Climbed first set of stairs

October 5: First plane ride (Rocktober in Saskatoon!)

Sept 28: Can drop to a squat and stand back up, unsupported

September 20: Circumnavigated coffee table – turned all four corners while walking and holding on with only one hand

September 14: Clapped hands

September 11: Starts using “ba” sound – first consonant!

August 28: Top right tooth pops through

August 27: Mommy and Daddy get married!

August 25: Starts putting objects into other objects

August 8: Starts letting go while standing to balance for a few seconds

August 5: Slept through the night! (only the once…)

July 30: Starts standing on tippytoes to reach things

July 4: Pulls himself up on the bookshelf

June 22: Gets into sitting position unaided

June 18: First across-the-room long distance crawl – at Omi’s house.

June 15: Second tooth – bottom left

June 14: First tooth – bottom right

May 21: Happy 6th Month Birthday! Un-crawling begins

May 20: First time on a swing and slide

May 19: Sitting up reliably well, up on knees (yikes!)

May 17: Started napping in crib

May 16: First solid food

May 3: First time swimming in pool. Sleep training begins

April 26: 70cm, 19 lbs

April 25: Tristan starts sleeping in the nursery

March 30: Rolled over from back to stomach for first time (at yoga class).

March 27: Move into new apartment

March 24: Eyes start changing colour – brown streaks show up.

March 22:  18lb 2 oz

March 20: Eyes finally clear up for good.

March 15: Too long for infant bucket seat – graduates to big-boy seat.

Feb 26: First proper laugh, first bottle.

Feb 21: Three months old! He has good head control, but both eyes continue to be very yellow and goopy. 66.5 cm and 16lb 13oz.

Feb 14: First cold

Feb 7: Started grabbing things on purpose (hair dryer cord)

Jan 25: First vaccinations.

Jan 18: First on-purpose and responsive smile

Dec 29: Cory and Pierre-Paul’s wedding, Tristan voted cutest baby there.

Dec 16: Tristan’s first ferry trip – we go to the island

Dec 15: 1st doctor appointment. 12lb, 3.5 oz. Right eye has been very goopy – tear duct blocked

Dec 7: First fussy night – colic begins. 😦

Dec 2: Umbilical stump comes off

Nov 30: Tristan back up almost to birth weight (11lb 1 oz), so we can stop supplementing.

Nov 24: Home from hospital

Nov 23: Tristan loses more than 10% of his birth weight, so formula supplementation begins.

Nov 21: Tristan is born! 6:05 pm. 11lbs 4.5 oz, 22 ¾ inches, born by C-section, after an attempted induction put him in cardiac distress.

Nov 9: Due date

Nov 5: Angie has ECV (external cephalic version) to flip Tristan back the right way round.

Nov 2: Tristan flips footling breech


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