A page of all the children’s videos on YouTube. Come back often to see new links!

Pretty girl in the mirror

Sibs playing

Just wanna scootch

Playing in the leaves

Reading books at “nap” time

Loving the model train show

GG and Cora

Tasty tasty toes

Playing together


Cora vs the Balloon

Hanging in the crib sibs


First Food


And God had Adam name all the animals in creation…

Cora’s stories

Planet mommyball

Bouncy bouncy


First night of vacation

loving the corn maze

climbing on the tractor

Good catch, grampa!

A few words from our sponsor

My couch fort


Bath time with Oli

On the bed with Oliver

Deflating Auntie Sarah

Playing with my trucks

Beckwith spray park

Chatting with Griffin

Goats and Auntie Melissa


Honking mommy’s nose Also notice the new haircut!

Hide and seek with Daddy

Chatty in the supermarket

Riding around with Omi

Drama queen

Digging with a cockadoodle doo Listen carefully for the rooster in the background – Tristan was communicating with it.

Grampa throws great rocks!

Floating shells

Turn the fan on!

Squirt toys

My new skill

Panda building blocks

Bubbles at Stanley Par

First ever helium balloon

Tunnel fun

Newspaper Head

Dining room sillies

Just gotta dance

Just gotta sing

Potato Head

You spin me right round

Omi’s big teddy

Fun on the ferry

Vacuum cord!

Baby launcher

My sweet hat

My walker and my bonnet

me and daddy

A little sign language

My owl blanket


just playing around

My new elf hat


Riding Thomas

Chair chillin’

Fingery fingers

Adventures in Chair


Chasing Mommy

Birthday cake

Horsing around with the grandfolks

Explorer and photo journalist

Splash face

Laundry racer

Uses for teeth


Round the chair

Walkin’, yes indeed


Mommy’s big helper

Playing ball with mommy

Organizing Dan’s DVDs

future artist?

Eating plums with the twins

Hiccups with Auntie Sarah A flashback to when he was a month old

Round and round the chair

I climbed it because it was there

Splish Splash

Stackin’ rings

Ba ba ba ba

Helping out around the house

Why buy toys?

Sophie’s party 2

Sophie’s party

Loving the library

Baby backpack trial run

Simple games are the best

Learning to drive

Lid chomping and funny crawling

Checking out the grass

Tender tippytoes

I love blueberries!

Exploring around

Monitor this!

Foot tickles

Exploring the couch


Some strange noises

Playing with my water cup

Pushing out a poop

My first bruise 😦

My new trick

Toilet paper is just delightful!

My daddy is a goof

Playing on the bed

Doodling the doorjam

Playing with Grampa and Gramma

Me ‘n Oli

Playing with puffies

Camera shark

Almost crawling redux

Talk to the rings

Box o’ blocks

It’s raining toys 1 These next 2 vids did not quite capture the hysterics he had when Nathan and I were tossing toys over his head. Nathan apologizes for the Blair Witch quality of the video – it’s tough to toss toys and film at the same time.

It’s raining toys 2

Must get into this box!

messing around with my daddy

not quite crawling

swinging single

dinner time

just sitting around


elevator song


first time swimming

playing with paper

you spin me right round

Tristan and Omi

gurgle giggles

noisy boy

raspbelly with gramma

don’t stick your tongue out

tummy time 2


tasty fist

grampa and Tristan

GG and Tristan

mat time

Tristan talking

Tristan 4-8 weeks compiled


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